Growth is Survival

In 1990 I was a cog in the wheel of a large corporation, with a big mortgage and less than $500 in the bank.

Fourteen years later I was on top of the world, money in the bank, no mortgage and the owner of a multi-million school bus company Student Express with a fleet of 250 buses and 300 employees.

Based on all the indicators Student Express shouldn’t have been the success it was.

Right from the start it was under- funded.  I started the business on a credit card, hired a manager and kept my corporate job for 5 years investing everything I had in the growth of the company.

Our office was over a furniture store in Aurora.  It was one big room with a desk in one corner and chairs and tables for the drivers to meet.

I didn’t have a parking lot: I didn’t have a garage. The drivers had to take the buses home, which by the way, turned out to be a huge competitive advantage because they didn’t need transportation to get to work and they looked after their bus because it was theirs.

The school bus transportation industry was being rationalized and in decline.

But we did grow and very quickly.


Growth wasn’t an option for me. It was a necessity. I was survival.

And the more it grew the easier it was for me to run the company and the more it grew.

So growth to me is a win / win.   I have more resources, less work, more opportunities for growth and greater cash flow.

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