How to Find Time to Contribute to Your Wider Community

I believe there will never be time for you to contribute to your wider community unless you build it into your daily life.  It is like working out.  It has to be part of your routine.

At Student Express my mission was to make transportation for student with special needs stress free so they could focus on their school, friends and life like all of us.  To do this,  we focused on the students and their needs.  We tried to match the driver to the students.  And it worked.  The company grew in 14 year from 8 buses to 250, a huge box of letter from parents and students and many lasting relationships.

We had a training program for drivers, so we made a point of hiring women who had few skills and work experience, but were anxious to learn and committed.  We have many successes with women gaining personal security and choices because they now had financial independence.

At 401 Bay Centre, I work with the internship programs at George Brown and Ryerson and teach entrepreneurship at the Schulich School of Business.  I coach and mentor the interns and they bring a great skill set to the workplace.  A win /  win for both of us and many lasting relationships.

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