Take the Leap, Passion Takes Care of the Rest

My uncle Charlie was the only one that knew I existed as a kid. I was the middle child and even that I shared with a brother. There were 4 of us.
Charlie would take just me out on adventures. On one of these, we went swimming in Lake Simcoe. He put me on his shoulders to jump into the deep water. I was terrified. ‘I can’t, I can’t’ I screamed. ‘Take a deep breath’ he would say and ‘do it anyway’.
So I jumped, and the crazy thing was I loved it.
This is how my journey in life has been.
I decide to make a change; look for the opportunity; do the analysis: get ready to launch and the fear sets in. Is it the right decision? Will it work out? What if I lose everything?
Then I remember my Uncle Charlie and ‘take the leap’. After that I am caught up in the new adventure and passion takes over.
But where does passion come from. When I jumped off Uncle Charlie’s shoulders it wasn’t passion that made me jump. I was terrified. The passion came when I came bursting back out of the water like a rocket. You only have to take the leap; passion and hard work takes care of the rest.

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