mla pic“Marnie Walker is an experienced entrepreneur who adds immeasurable contribution to the board deliberations of Maple Leaf Angels Corporation. She has actively contributed and provided leadership on our board committees. She understands the managerial challenges of member driven organizations and she works methodically to overcome them. Marnie is an executive leader who has received multiple awards for her accomplishments in entrepreneurialism. MLA is fortunate to have her as both a Board Director and Member.”

Gerard Buckley, Chair Maple Leaf Angels, President, Jaguar Capital


“You offered us a real life look into the world of Entrepreneurship and how to successfully work in a team. I feel that I have gained so much from attending your lectures and hearing you speak from your own experiences. You have inspired me to have passion and determination in what I do, and I really thank you for that.”

Andrea Grieco, BBA Student 2009

Schulich School of Business


“Marnie Walker provides the entrepreneurship students at Schulich with a golden opportunity to learn from a pro. She brings her experience to the classroom, and students benefit greatly from her seasoned perspective on business start-up and growth. Marnie’s style is warm, generous and empathic, an added “plus” that means students feel comfortable raising questions and seeking additional assistance outside the classroom. We count ourselves as fortunate to have Marnie among our roster of instructors.“

Eileen Fischer, Director of Entrepreneurial Studies

 Schulich School of Business, York University


“The woman we are honoring has a special blend of creativity, insight and courage that has led her to innovate and implement business strategies that provide opportunity and value to her customers, the industry and community. Her achievements are an example not only to other women who are looking to succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment but to all entrepreneurs.”

Roger Martin, Dean Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto


“Marnie is straightforward, honest, incisive, focused, driven by the needs of the others, results-oriented, compassionate and devoted to her people.  Marnie is the type of person who has great value to add to any Board of Directors.  Not only has she built a company from scratch, grown it and sold it, but has reinvented herself many times. She is ethical and hardworking.  And most enduring of all, Marnie is modest and seeks to learn continuously.”

Elaine Todres, Todres Leadership Counsel


“Marnie has been a strong and committed member of the Women President’s organization, and is the only Canadian member of our Platinum group for women Presidents that generate at least $10 million in annual revenue.  Marnie has been a role model and a source of wisdom.  Marnie is an extremely savvy businesswoman and an exceptional leader and a source of entrepreneurial expertise.”

Dr. Marsha Firestone, President Women Presidents’ Organization, New York , U.S.A .


“I met Marnie when I was CEO of Helix Commerce and she was an active angel/leader in the community advancing start up commercialization(s). She has had an incredible eye for building smart business models, and successfully exciting them as well. She is always thoughtful, business savvy, approachable, and wise. I look forward to many more years advancing my business and personal relationship with Marnie. With her new venture at 401BayStreet – it is a beautiful office environment for company’s aspiring to economically build out their businesses and be in a professional environment, jn the Toronto financial district core. One key word I would use to describe Marnie is Inspirational with a Spirit we can all cherish in our life! I highly recommend anyone fortunate enough to meet her do so, you won’t be disappointed! She rocks!”

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, SalesChoice Inc.


“Marnie is a true professional who knows how to run a sophisticated business and always with clients top of mind.”

Rhona Ruben, President, RLR & Associates


“Marnie is an incredible person. No matter what she does, be it ownership, lecturer, or any endeavor, Marnie Walker does it to perfection.”

Francine Manilow, Founder & President, Manilow Suites


“You continue to be an inspiration to me and aspiring women everywhere!”

Blake Witkin, Director, National Angel Capital Organization


“Mobility is Marnie’s game – first as the owner of a transportation company and now as the head of an executive office centre. If ever you need a virtual or temporary office in Toronto, 401 Bay Centre is the place to go!”

Julie Weeks, CEO & President, Womenable

rona maynard

“Marnie’s leadership, tenacity and keen instinct for the next unmet need make her a role model to entrepreneurs–and to anyone seeking proof that the secret of success is vision backed up by can-do spirit. With 401 Bay, she has once again broken ground. I wonder what big challenge she’ll take on next.”

Rona Maynard, Speaker, Rona Maynard


401 Bay Street, Suite 1600, Toronto