“Several years ago, after doing my due diligence on which service providers to consider respecting executive offices, 401 Bay Centre quickly rose to the top of my list. And there they have remained. I couldn’t have made a better choice … based on service levels, amenities, affordability and much more. Marnie Walker and her outstanding team of professionals truly understand their business, which clearly impacted on mine in very tangible and positive ways.”

Don Nolan, President, Nolan Associates Inc.


It has been a terrific 3 years as a client and tenant at 401 Bay. The service your team provides is exceptional – every person here made an effort to ensure my needs were handled effortlessly. I enjoyed my time in the space here, and will miss you, your group and the other tenants.

Virginia Pastway, Director, Product Management, Interactive Data Canada


Foth Canada has been a client at 401 Bay Centre for the past year.During that time our experience has been very positive. The office is well equipped, tastefully decorated and very comfortable. The 401 Bay Centre team is capable, responsive and ready to assist whenever needed. The level of service has been exceptional! I would highly recommend 401 Bay Centre.

Aleksandar (Sacha) Zivkovic, Principal Geotechnical Engineer & Office Leader Foth Canada Corporation


Marnie has a proven track record of successful business ventures and with the 401 Bay Centre has created an efficient and viable alternative working environment for entrepreneurs

Mary Aitken, Founder & CEO Verity


“I was both a client of Marnie based out of 410 Bay and eventually a co-investor with Marnie in a business venture. I think if the dictionary could have a picture for practical and pragmatic – it’d be Marnie’s. 401 was a great facility and Marnie’s staff always made it feel like home – dealing with picky little details whenever someone special was coming in to see us, and making sure we had our best foot forward. I also have great respect for Marnie as a business operator who knows how to run a tight ship.”

Keith Ellis, President & CEO, Enfocus

JL Cornerstone

“We had the pleasure of renting an office at 401 Bay Centre for over four years. During this time, the centre provided first class space and services. From the way they greeted our clients in person and on the phone, as though they are part of our organization, to their willingness to lend a hand with administrative work; they truly live up to being a full-service office centre. Marnie and her team were always fast and efficient with any of our requests and I would highly recommend 401 Bay Centre for office space in Toronto.”

JIll MacLeod, JL Cornerstone


Marnie is a very thoughtful, reliable, and warm person. We worked together in a group situation where I was able to see her relate to other people and apply critical thinking. She is easy to work with excellent people skills and very good analytical skills.

David Blinick, Owner, Blinco Systems Inc.



401 Bay Street, Suite 1600, Toronto