“I didn’t have a chance to thank you last class for teaching the course. I found it was so different from most of the courses I’ve taken at Schulich. I believe it was very useful because it expanded my thinking rather than narrowing it. “

Jelena Avramovic, Schulich School of Business iBBA 2013

“Marnie provides students with incredible insight into anatomy of an emerging business, and what it takes to succeed as a young entrepreneur anywhere in the world. Her personal stories fueled my passion for startups, and her lectures prepared me well to successfully compete in my own venture. Aside from being an innovative instructor and entrepreneur, Marnie is a kind, generous, and welcoming individual. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help her students. I am a big fan of Marnie’s and could not speak more highly of her.”

Qasim Mohammad, Schulich School of Business iBBA graduate 2013



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