The Power of Community – How Women Use Community to Drive Positive Change

Last evening I was part of a panel of accomplished women speaking of the power of community in our lives.  Kerry Mitchell, Former CEO, InBusiness Media, Lynda Bowles, retired Deloitte Partner, Karine Ewart, Editor in Chief at Chatalaine and Anne Maaggisano, Burgendy Asset Management.

We shared how community had influenced and supported us; and how we have or could influence the greater community in our lives.  It was inspiring to hear how critical our community is to us and how it has shaped our lives.  What became clear to me is the challenge to connect both personally and increasingly through technology in our busy lives.

WIPP (Women in Philanthropy for Providence)
 was the host.  WIPP is an organization that works to build connections into the community through involving women in the Providence Health Centre organization.  Since 2009 they have raised $425,00.  But the impact of these women is much more than the $$.  They provide education about health care issues and services and provide input back into the Providence organization from the community.

logo_providenceProvidence Health Centre is unique in the Toronto area as it provides health services not normally provided through the active care hospitals.  These services include:  rehabilitation, chronic care, palliative care, long term care as well as a host of day program to stroke victims, Alzheimer patients etc.

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